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In disappear assist edition [building bear hire between two parties contract]
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Building bear hire between two parties contract Number:

This contract party

Client (Party A) :

Between two parties person (Party B) :

According to " contract law of People's Republic of China " the regulation that reachs relevant law laws and regulations, client and between two parties person go up in equal, freewill foundation, rent between two parties concerned matters concerned to come to an agreement as follows with respect to the building:

The first entrusts item

Party A entrusts Party B entrusting its are inside deadline between two parties search the house that accords with the following condition (essential condition delimits inside pane please hook, reference condition delimits please circle, did not choose a condition to delimit please diagonal) , assist facilitate its and lessor sign a building to rent a contract:

Be located: ____ □ ; The building defends □ for ___ of hall of ___ room ___ ; Bungalow is the □ between ___ ; Arming repairs □ ; Decorate □ commonly; Clothbound repairs □ ; □ of door of guard against theft; □ of cable television interface; Air conditioning □ ; Natural gas □ ; Gas □ ; Center heating □ ; □ of earthy central heating; Water heater □ ; Phone □ ; Television □ ; Freezer □ ; Washing machine □ ; □ enters the water on; □ of furniture □ ____ ; Floor: ___ □ ; Structure: ____ □ ; Front: ____ □ ; Floor area: _____ square metre □ ; Lunar hire standard: ____ yuan □ ; Lease: ____ □ ; Building utility: _____ □ ;

Building right belongs to: ________

Other condition: ________

Party B still should provide the following service: ___________ .

The 2nd entrusts deadline

From ____ year day of ___ month ___ comes ____ year day of ___ month ___ .

Exceed above deadline to still need between two parties service, both sides signs between two parties contract separately or entrust this contract deadline to lengthen with written form.

The 3rd spot sees a room

Party B should accompany Party A to see a room to building site.

Party B ought to make the written record that sees a room, state item of etc of the specific address of the building, time seeing a room. Record seeing a room needs to sign via Party A affirm, by both sides each hold.

The essential requirement that the house that Party B searchs for Party A does not satisfy Party A to put forward or the special requirement that malcontent sufficient lessor raises Party A asks, party A has authority to reject to sign and reject to pay fee seeing a room.

The 4th Party A is compulsory
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