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" construction uses ground program permit " detailed solution
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" construction uses ground program permit " it is construction unit before applying for land of commandeer, transfer to land management department, via town planning administration director branch affirms construction project place and limits accord with the legal evidence of town planning, it is the legal proof that builds an unit to use the land. The unit using the land that does not have this card is belonged to use the land illegally, the behavior of carry out room of estate business also is belonged to illegal, cannot get estate authority to belong to certificate.

The purpose that the nucleus sends: Ensure land is used accord with town planning, safeguard construction unit to use the legitimate rights and interests of land according to town planning.

Legal consequence: According to concerned regulation, although estate business obtains construction to use the approval document of the ground, but if was not obtained " construction uses ground program permit " and take up of land, its build file of the approval that use the land to disable.

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