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Edinburgh in November in the middle of the sea to push 280 sets of new houses
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International Community in Edinburgh will be a new push in mid-November high of 18 #, 19 #, 15 # or 23 small high # in a total of about 280 sets of new housing. Unit area of 86-130 square meters, of which about 120 units of 86 square meters Sets. International Community in the East Lake project is located in the park blocks, east river, near Su-Sheng Road, south west Sing Tong Street, north along the central river. What the project about 740 meters north-south width of 1,400 meters, with a total area of approximately 66 Articles The total construction area of about 120 Articles, called the "City" is real. North-south and east-west street glass Lai sail Lane, Chung Yuen, Siu-kai Fang Island Road, Lane and the project is divided into seven groups. The east side near the planned project Rail Transit Line in Suzhou, the terminal bell South Street Station, the west side of the pond near Star Street Station One line and planned rail transit third line in Suzhou, Line One line of intersection with the Tong Street Station in the stars , the urn Road Station, Su Sheng Road Station (planned) may benefit from the project.
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